Dyllon Tyler Feusi

From confident, successful and charasmatic to lost, lonely and not willing or knowing how to share the thoughts going through his mind. Every page is meaningful, and every song is special. Dyllon Feusi is the love of my life and his life was cut way too short. His memory will never die. Please press play and listen to these lyrics before navigating through this website.


A young man from California with all the potential

Dyllon was an athlete, a model, a scholar, and above all, a great friend. He was admired by his peers and adored by his family. His confidence was obvious and his work ethic was evident. But Dyllon's life took a quick turn leaving family and friends with many unanswered questions.

Dyllon was born and raised in Northern California by his mother and father. He was a favorite amongst all of his elementary school teachers. Dyllon was a great peer and soon took to youth sports. He started playing both football and basketball in the second grade and continued to play both through his eighth grade year.

After graduating from middle school, Dyllon decided to not continue pursuing football. He did however continue the love for his favorite sport basketball. In the middle of Dyllon's freshman year, the family decided to make a move to Southern California. They began residing in Huntington Beach and Dyllon attended Huntington Beach High School.

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